Enforced Positivity 2: Shut Up or Leave

“The emperor is naked because of the LORE, you jackass. It’s SYMBOLIC.”

Happy Monday!

In part 1 of this post, where I explained why you can’t stop smiling lest you be singled out like a sick wildebeest, I said that tone policing is a roundabout way of saying we LARPers demand positivity because, psychologically, it’s less painful than addressing whatever is actually plaguing our hobby.

Let’s talk about some things that are wrong with our hobby, that positivity won’t fix.

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Enforced Positivity 2: Shut Up or Leave

Safe Spaces: The Illusion You Have to Preserve For Sanity’s Sake

Safe spaces are integral to sanity within a LARP. They’re also patent, transparent bullshit.

Good morning.

Below is a safe space as you might know of it, courtesy of thelarpforum.org:

safe space
Courtesy of “basic human decency”

I’m glad that as 21st century LARPers on the cusp of a bright cyberpunk future, we can agree that assault is not appropriate at our events. It’s sad that we still have to EXPRESSLY state policies like the one above, but all of us know someone who was assaulted, sexually or otherwise, at a LARP event. Beyond the legally agreeable definition of safety, how do we categorize verbal attacks OOC related to playstyle, in-game choices, in-game morality or in-character disputes? Continue reading “Safe Spaces: The Illusion You Have to Preserve For Sanity’s Sake”

Safe Spaces: The Illusion You Have to Preserve For Sanity’s Sake

How to Shamelessly Self Promote: Part 2

My post made it to LARP Haven

Woo. Now I can finally die.

And predictably, the comments came in 3 camps:

  • I have experienced this
  • This makes sense but is extremely discomforting to read
  • This never happens and boy, is this dude bitter

I had a post about safe spaces prepared, but first I’d like to clear up some of the imbecilic fog that’s accumulated.

To those who have experienced the absurdly catty and socially manipulative underworld of LARP, thanks for having the balls to post in agreement. There’s so much overwhelming pressure to be positive at all costs that as a hobby, LARP resists scrutiny in all but the most rarefied academic circles. Continue reading “How to Shamelessly Self Promote: Part 2”

How to Shamelessly Self Promote: Part 2

How to Shamelessly Self Promote in LARP

(Part 2 here)

Have you ever gone to afters and finally worked up the nerve to talk to that cool kid? The cool kid with the awesome plot items, close repartee with storytellers, three separate photo shoots for one character? How did the conversation go?

Did they spend the entire time talking about themselves? I’ll bet they did.

You were probably locked in war-story purgatory, forced to listen to someone else babble on and on about how awesome their experiences are, with zero if ANY accommodations for you to talk about yourself or your character. And you looked about the table and noticed, with some alarm, that everyone else seemed equally transfixed, clearly SO interested!

I have news for you, pal. No one is interested. They’re faking it. Because they’re playing the game. Not LARP, but the other game that you play while LARPING. The Ego Game. Continue reading “How to Shamelessly Self Promote in LARP”

How to Shamelessly Self Promote in LARP