I don’t know who the fuck writes this blog, but with a headline like:

“6. Why Your Larp Should Die”

I already love him. Example:

Most dinosaurs attempt to adapt.  They patch rules, but the patches always keep the power dynamic of the game relatively intact, and they tend to add complications that make the game more inaccessible.  When I went back to my first larp a few years ago, I found that I had no idea how to play the game I grew up in due to the changes they made to patch but not fix the underlying problems.

I think there’s a lot more to the obsolesce of LARPS than outdated definitions of acceptable social justice (though FFS we can do better). I’d rather talk about insufficient patching, good ol’ boys clubs, and social manipulation by an insecure, cloistered minority of powergamers. But that doesn’t make his willingness to speak out any less appealing.

Read through his stuff. Enjoy. I’m just happy other people are openly questioning the status quo.

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