6 Most Toxic LARPers, Part 2

(Part 1 here)

Salt is necessary for water retention, and you are as likely to suffer prolonged dehydration from lack of salt as lack of water: this natural desire for salt is, I assume, why the saltier my posts get, the more they are shared. Wednesday’s post, by measure of sheer view count, must have been salty enough to pickle an entire city’s population.

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I’m a literal lifesaver.

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6 Most Toxic LARPers, Part 2

The 6 Most Toxic LARPers, Part 1

(Part 2 here)

Happy New Year. I’m back from the holidays with kidneys full of salt and blood pressure higher than Mt. Olympus. So let’s skip past the niceties and dive directly into the 6 categories of swine you endure in LARPs, and more importantly how to defeat them, or if nothing else, survive them.

Revelations forgot two. Rest assured, I haven’t.

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The 6 Most Toxic LARPers, Part 1