A Dangerous Little Balloon

Memes are the 21st century’s Pandora’s Box: once you start using them for a real purpose, they begin to cut in every direction. Don’t get me wrong, as a scurrilous bottom-feeder who attacks people from anonymity, memes are my friends. I have witnessed their birth in the wild and lauded them.

It was only a matter of time before memes that I didn’t like, on the topic of LARP, arose. At first I struggled to understand, rationally, why I didn’t like them. Irrationally I could screech a list a mile long, that’s my specialty! But to write anything cohesive, one has to have at least the semblance of rationality. And for me, that takes time and sometimes liquor to help round off the jagged edges of my anger and bitterness.

But I’m ready to take on that smiling, wretchedly “positive” face of evil.


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A Dangerous Little Balloon